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In-kind Contributions

In-kind contributions are those where items and services are given freely, with no money changing hands. Contributions may take various forms, such as volunteer days, or gifts of land, materials, equipment and facilities.

If you are successful at stage 1 you will be asked to state what in-kind contributions you will receive in your stage 2 application. When completing your table of in-kind contributions you should give a monetary value to all the items you note down.

In some cases, calculating the value of in-kind contributions can be relatively simple, for example if it’s the contribution of a piece of equipment. Other costs could be a little more difficult, for example, the value of volunteer time. Below is a table that indicates the standard rates, which should be used to calculate volunteer time. If you have any other questions please contact your Facilitator.

Type of voluntary/in-kind contribution 

 Per hour 

Per day

General, unskilled labour (for example, supervised scrub clearance, ditch-digging, planting, basic administrative support)



Specialist, skilled, trained labour (for example, operations for which certificated training is a requirement, such as operating dangerous equipment, driving off-road vehicles, using chemicals) 



Specialist services, (for example, supervising, training labour teams, surveys, counts, trapping, ringing, diving, printing, designing, photography) 



Professional services (for example, consultants, lawyers, planners, engineers, accountants, auditors) 




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